CAYAT - Agricultural Cooperative of Yakasse Attobrou

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CAYAT - Agricultural Cooperative of Yakasse Attobrou

13 Years Experience

CAYAT is a cooperative producing cocoa, coffee and cashew nuts; it is based in the town of Adzopé in the south-eastern part of the Ivory Coast.

The region of La Mé, where CAYAT is located, is home to many cocoa farmers; as in most parts of the country. The national organization (Conseil Café-Cacao - CCC) estimates that around a quarter of the region's population are cocoa farmers, which makes cocoa one of the main sources of income, especially in rural areas.

CAYAT was created in 2010, with 283 members. Its aim was to bring cocoa farmers together and address the region's deep socio-economic challenges, while advancing sustainable agriculture and increasing farmers' incomes.

Our mission

Guarantee for our members and the community a decent life, promoting access for all to health, education, in a healthy and protected environment from the promotion and export of agricultural products.
"Position ourselves as a national model in terms of international fair trade as well as sustainable development".

CAYAT Coopérative Agriculture


The well-being of farmers is at the heart of CAYAT's vision, and the empowerment of women is a big part of it. In 2015, CAYAT created an “Association of Women”, in order to train women farmers to play a more important role in the cooperative.

Since then the Association has grown and has 413 members - not only women farmers who are members of the cooperative but also the wives of the men who are members of CAYAT.

The Association aims to help women gain access to land and use the fair trade premium to finance their projects, which can empower many women to contribute to household income and food security.


Our leaders

‘Agricultural Cooperative Exporter, 3089 agricultural producer members, more than 8000 tonnes of certified annual production ( FAIRTRADE, UTZ, RA, 4C)’.

Language : French