CAYAT - Agricultural Cooperative of Yakasse Attobrou

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Nursery : 6 to 8 months
Transplanting-Start of harvest: 18 months to 3 years depending on the variety.


  • For 1 ha of plantation, have 1500 seedlings in sachets (about 50 very ripe pods) in the nursery (65 m2 for 1 ha of plantation).
  • Build a shade house 2 meters high above the ground, covered with palm leaves.
  • Use pods of improved varieties provided by the CNRA (Seeds CACAO MERCEDES).
  • Sow between October and January.
  • Use REZO 50 EC (40 ml in 15 L of water, once a month) against insects.
  • Weed the bags and regularly weed the aisles between the beds.
  • Reduce shade one month before transplanting to accustom the plants to light.


1. Choice of land
Deep soils, prefer forest precedents.

2. Choice of plants
Select vigorous plants, reserve stunted plants for future replacements.

3. Planting

  • Recommended density: 1333 feet / Ha (3 meters between rows and 2.5 meters between plants on the row).
  • In the case of a forest, clear the land and cut down large trees, leaving the shrubs well distributed to provide shade for 2 to 3 years.
  • In the event of total slaughter, six months or a year before, bananas should be planted in the rows at the same density as the cocoa tree.
  • Plant seedlings from the nursery between May and June, when the rainy season is well underway.

4. Fertilization
Mineral manure is only effective and profitable for well-managed plantations (clean, pruned and treated)
Young crops not in production: Super triple phosphate to be applied at a rate of 100 g / plant twice a year (March or April and July).
Plants in production: NPK 0 23 19 to be applied at a rate of 200 g / plant twice a year (March or April and July).

5. Phytosanitary protection

Status Harmful Harmful Doses Application
Nursery Defoliating insects, psyllids REZO 50 EC Sprayer: 40 mL + 15 L of water 1 time per month
Young crops not in production Defoliating insects, Psyllids, leafhoppers, ... CACAOSUPER 40 EC Atomizer: 125 mL for 10 L of water Sprayer: 80-100 mL for 15 L of water 1times every 2 months
Plantations in production (1) Mirides, Bedbugs, Borers CACAOSUPER 40 EC Atomizer: 0.5 L + 40 L of water for 1 ha 2 times a year July-August and December-January
Plantations in production (2) Phytophthora responsible for brown rot SECURITY 660 WP Atomizer: 50 g for 10 L of water for ¼ of a hectare Every 21 days or once a month, 4 to 6 applications per year
Jyoung cultures and adults Termites and wood insects TERMIX 480 EC Sprayer: 2 L / ha (1L in 100 L of water) A In the event of an attack, treat foot by foot on the ground, within a radius of 50 cm
Preparation of the soil before planting, young and adult crops Weeds TASMAN 360 SL 3 à 4 L/ha Soit 150 à 200 ml dans 15 L 2 to 3 times a year Weeds 15 to 40 cm high
Preparation of the soil before planting, young and adult crops Weeds TASMAN 757 SG 1 to 2 Kg / ha Or 50 to 100 g in 15 L 2 to 3 times a year Weeds 15 to 40 cm high

Language : French