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Education is a human right and a key factor in reducing poverty and child labor. Yet 72 million children of primary school age, and a much larger number of children of secondary school age, are out of school. Many of them are child laborers, estimated to number 218 million worldwide. The right to free and compulsory education, at least at the elementary or primary level, is enshrined in international human rights law. The international community has also set the goals of achieving universal primary education and eliminating gender disparities by 2015. Achieving these goals requires addressing the incidence of child labor. in a large number of countries, as this phenomenon constitutes a major obstacle to education.
At the same time, it appears that by expanding access to quality education, each country can make a major contribution to solving the problem of child labor.
Recognizing the degree of interconnection between the elimination of child labor and the implementation of the right to education for all children, as well as the development of an appropriate policy and program response, add value to global initiatives aimed at achieving this dual objective.
CAYAT, offers Member States technical cooperation to find solutions to the problem of child labor. It is the largest program devoted to this subject in the world.
As education plays a central role in the fight against child labor, it has occupied an essential place in CAYAT's strategy since its inception. This strategy was inspired by ILO conventions and recommendations and the experience of its constituents (governments, employers 'and workers' organizations), thus making a significant contribution from the ILO in the field of child labor. and education.
CAYAT has gained considerable experience in using education to combat child labor in both formal and informal settings. This action has proven to be crucial in the prevention of child labor and in the reintegration of former child laborers.

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Rehabilitation of the BECEDI-BRIGNAN hospital and maternity unit


Fight against child labor

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